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Glad to see you at our About Me section. I am Marie Kanter, the editor and author of and a big gambling lover! My love for online gambling started many years ago and now I see myself as an experienced person in that area who has plenty of things to tell you. I just have no right not to share all of my knowledge with each of you.

I sincerely hope my efforts and some of the info will help you avoid some of my mistakes. Let me tell you my own story.

Since childhood I’ve been the biggest football fan, and I really enjoyed spending my time and money on sport bets. As online betting became really popular, I was a frequent visitor at some of the betting sites. But I didn’t settle upon bookies and quickly fall in love with other casino games, such as slots, roulette and of course, my favorite blackjack. I got hooked, while almost all of the sites offered plenty of them.

Few years ago I decided to find my favorite gambling sites who would offer best bonuses, promotions and terms of games.  Here I faced some problems.

It’s not that easy to find a great online casino as I found out. You would be surprised, but some of the operators didn’t even have a Gambling Commission license, i.e. their activity was absolutely illegal! It’s obvious I didn’t know that fact at that time and I managed to waste lots of time and of course, money on some of them. After I had some pretty bad experience, I finally found some really good casino operators, which were a real paradise for me, as well as for any UK player.

I am here to share all the info with you. You are going to find real and organic reviews on the site, reviews on the best online casino sites. I am doing my best to keep the list up-to-date constantly for you to have the newest information daily.

I really believe the information you find here will be helpful for you. All of us want the playing process to be not only rewarding, but also safe and simply fun!

I hope you are going to find your favorite casino among our list thanks to my recommendations.

I always welcome you to get in touch with me, so if you have any concerns or want to ask me something, do not hesitate to do it. I do my best for prompt replies. You are free to get in touch with me on some social networks as well.